Review - Kym Bird, Canadian Literature, 1999.        

 "...the cultural contributions of the multicultural minority and the tensions between the minority and the dominant Anglo various provinces...are represented in Aviva Ravel's second collection of six contemporary plays in Canadian Mosaic 11. Appropriately, the volume opens with a play about one of Canada's most pressing colonial struggles, that between the French and the English in Marie-Lynn Hammond's Beautiful Deeds/De Beaux Gestes...Marty Chan's "Mom Dad I'm Living with a White Girl" stages the complex issues which adhere to the second generation Canadian...Aviva Ravel's own "Gently Down the Stream" is a theatrical two-hander in which a pair of old Jewish men on a park bench recount the story of their immigration and poverty as they sit powerless to aid the dead man shot before them. The absurdity of the situation makes a severe comment indeed on a society whose lack of human compassion has alienated the men and immobilized them with fear. Ray Towles' realist play "The Golden Door" represents a family under siege during the Japanese internment.. Through the first-generation son we experience the tangle of emotions suffered by Canadians betrayed by their state and turned into enemy aliens. "Like the Sun" by Veralyn Warkentin and Dirk Mclean's "The House on Hermitage Road" remind us that significant aspects of Canada's past reside elsewhere...." [Both plays] depict the pain of separation, divided families, lost opportunities....loneliness ...that have characterized so many similar partings and have become the yoke of the great displacement that characterizes our multifarious pasts."




       A collection of Canadian poetry in English and in Hebrew translation. The anthology includes poems by Louis Dudek, Irving Layton, Leonard Cohen, A.M. Klein, Eli Mandel, Alden Nowlan, Margaret Atwood, Alfred Purdy and other major Canadian poets. Every page contains the poem in both English and Hebrew. Introduction by Louis Dudek. Translators include Shimon Levy, Raffi Weichert, Deena Katan Ben Zion, and Gioro Leshem. Edited by Shimon Levy and Aviva Ravel. Publisher Ofir, Israel, 1992. Out of print. Several copies available from Aviva Ravel, and at selected libraries.

        Excerpt from Aviva's introduction at the launching of this book at the Jewish Public Library in Montreal in 1994. "Canada is renowned internationally for its fine poetry. The poems we selected are intended to reflect as many aspects as possible of this vast country and its inhabitants....nature poems describe the effects of the harsh Canadian climate on the early pioneers; there are aboriginal poems; love poems; poems about the city and rural life. The title of the book is drawn from a poem by Margaret Atwood. We thank the Canadian Consulate in Israel and the Hebrew University for supporting this project."