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Excerpt from review: "Directions: Two Poets",  published in Essays of Canadian Writing Spring 1976

      ....."Marg Yeo will continue reflecting the reader's introspective moods; by recreating her life again and again, she will enter our consciousness as well.  Consistent beautiful images, a fearlessness that exposes our most private thoughts and emotions, make Marg Yeo's book [The Custodian of Chaos] pleasurable and often exhilarating reading.  The portrait of the writer's subterranean self, evoked in surrealistic, often disconnected images, reflects the confusion of our time.  Yet confusion has a logic all its own, a tribute to Yeo's ability to communicate meaning out of chaos....
             A personal calamity, a brush with death, stubborn persistence to survive gave birth to the poet in Shulamis Yelin.  Her book, Seeded in Sinai, seeks to affirm life; having mourned her losses, she leaves behind the 'scars' and 'tears' and declares that she will dress in red today.'  ...The 'seeds' of the poet's flowering originate in Sinai with its constructive-destructive elements that lead to rejuvenation.  Ms Yelin derives her ability to say 'yes to life' from an intense identification with her deep-rooted heritage...It is not only personal survival that Yelin is concerned with, it is the survival of a whole people still dying on the 'burning sands' of the desert."