Faithful Unto Death: The Story of Arthur Zygielbaum   


      Zygielbaum's life personifies the multi-faceted life of Polish Jewry prior to the war, in its finest and most creative era. The son of an impoverished family, a self-supporting factory worker at the age of twelve, lacking formal education, Arthur became a fluent writer both in Yiddish and Polish, a brilliant orator, and active leader dedicated to the cultural and social renaissance of his people. Chapters include descriptions of the first months of German occupation; the siege of Warsaw; Arthur's departure from Nazi-occupied Poland and journey through the Third Reich: his unrelenting endeavours in the U.S. and England to alert an unresponsive world to the tragedy engulfing his people; and prose pieces and poetry dedicated to his memory. Before he took his life in London, in an act of supreme sacrifice, he wrote: "I cannot be silent, I cannot live, while the remnants of the Jewish people in Poland, of whom I am a representative, are perishing."

Published by The Workmen's Circle, Montreal, 1980. Out of print but available in libraries across the United States and Canada.

Also, translated into German by Heiner Koechlin. DIE GESCHICHTE ARTHUR ZIJGELBOJMS, with bibliography. ( n. p. copy available from Aviva Ravel)