Welcome to my web site and my life as teacher, playwright and director. My first experience on the stage as "Miss Matty" at Commercial High School in Cranford, inspired a profound love of the theatre. I also regarded teaching as a calling, and derived great pleasure watching my young students absorb their lessons in classrooms that often became  living theatres. As a director and playwright I was exhilarated as the printed word came to life in the theatre. For me there was no greater joy than watching an audience laugh, cry, and be moved by the dramatic action on stage.

            Connecting with people has been the driving force behind all my work. I am indebted to many  - actors, directors, teachers - who inspired me to pursue a career in the theatre. Norma Springford, Paul Brennan, Ben Lennick, Sean Mulcahy, John Ripley, to name but a few, were fine directors and teachers who helped shape my early plays. I am grateful to the numerous actors, like the remarkable and loyal David Raboy, without whom the theatres of the world would indeed be barren. Also, special thanks to Miss Rose Saltzman, my grade six teacher, who encouraged me to write. The Montreal Playwright's Workshop gave my early writings a platform and attentive ears. I am grateful to my late husband, Nahum Ravel, who put up with late rehearsals, touring across the country, and performances - here, there, and everywhere.

             I invite you to browse my web site, comment on works you may have seen, and request plays that would interest you and your theatre. Contact me at
avivaravel@aol.com or via:

  The Playwrights Guild of Canada,
  215 Spadina Avenue, Suite 210
  Toronto, Ontario
  M5T 2C7     (416) - 703 - 0201



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