French To English Translations     



       In Marcel Dube's play, French-Canadian children in the 1940's dream of life in a more exciting milieu on the other side of the wall that encloses their perceived dull tenement. A drama in which escape is tempting, but might plummet them into an unknown, mysterious and perhaps dangerous world. The children are fascinated by the proverbial  'greener grass' on the other side of the fence. Prelude to Marcel Dube's more familiar ZONE. Available in English translation at Playwrights Guild of Canada and the Université de Montreal archives. One act. 4 males, 1 female. First produced in French in 1952 by CBC TV, Montreal.


       Five French-Canadian teenagers in Montreal are selling black market cigarettes. They dream of escaping from their poverty-stricken environment and live a world of luxury and happiness. During one operation the gang leader, Tarzan, kills a border guard. A ruthless police interrogation uncovers the crime and destroys Tarzan's illusions in the process. Only Ciboulette, his girlfriend, true to the play's tragic end, refuses to relinquish their dreams of freedom. The gang has fallen apart but the love between Ciboulette and Tarzan remains intact. Two acts, 90 minutes long. One female, 8 males. Original play in French by Marcel Dube. First produced in English by the Saidye Bronfman Centre, Montreal, 1977. Available at Playwrights Guild of Canada.


       "La Petite Injustice", by Raphael Levy available at Playwrights Guild of Canada. "Strauss et Pesant" by Michel Garneau and "63" by Robert Gurik are available at the Université de Montreal.