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  For Adults:                     
  The Courting of Sally Schwartz
  Dance Like A Butterfly
  The Eddie Cantor Story
  Gently Down The Stream
  Mother Variations
  Moving Out
  My Rumanian Cousin
  No More Ketchup
  A Peretz Carnival
  Soft Voices
  The Twisted Loaf
  For Young Adults:
  Moon People
  Shoulder Pads
  For Children:
  Be My Friend
  Legends of King Solomon
  The Magic Computer
  Miriam's Well
  One Potato, Two Potato
  Be My Friend
  For All:

For All:

Through My Misty Window: A Memoir by Aviva Ravel Paperback



For All:

Deadly Past

  (1) In the Collection"Separate Pieces"
  An Affair at the Office
  The Biological Clock
  The Father
  The Feminist Bride
  A Lesson on Trees
  Listen, I'm talking
  Making the Best
  The Medical Profession
  The Psychiatrist: A Lecture on Bridge
  The Proposal
  Union Maid
  (2) "K'TA-EEM..." - 21 Monologues in Hebrew Translation
RADIO PLAY BROADCASTS                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
  Listen, I'm Talking, Five Monologues. Morningside CBC radio.
  Peddler of Fortune (The Adventures of Mendel Fish)
  Second Chance. Morningside CBC radio. August 11 - 14. 1987
  Watch Your Step Emma. McMaster Radio. June 25, 1981
       (Winner in Writing for Radio Competition)
      MAJOR NON FICTION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
  Faithful Unto Death: The Story of Arthur Zygielbaum
  Through My Misty Window: A Memoir by Aviva Ravel (Paperback)
      EDITED BY A. RAVEL               
  Canadian Mosaic 1 (6 PLAYS)
  Canadian Mosaic 11 (6 PLAYS)
  A Point On a Sheet of Green Paper (POETRY)
  About Face. Canadian Forum. October 1967
The Battered Tome Journal of Canadian Fiction, #31/32.
Bereft. Pioneer Woman, April, 1969.
The Bridge Police. Reporter, Florida. April 2005.
Chanuka Presents. Viewpoints, Vol. XX111:2, 1995.
Christmas Decorations. Viewpoints, July 1986.
The Donor Dinner. Viewpoints, Vol. V111:3, 1974.
A Double Thread. Journal of Canadian Fiction, #16.
End of Summer. The Canadian Forum, Jan. 1973;
The Escape. (from Faithful Unto Death), Viewpoints, Fall, 1981
Evening Courses. Chatelaine, March, 1979.
The Feminist Bride. Parchment. 1997-98.
The Girl on the Balcony     READ
The Gramophone. Viewpoints, Vol. V11:2, 1972
How To Live To 102. Reporter, Florida, 2005
Listen, I'm Talking. Quarry, Spring, 1978.
Longevity. Viewpoints, Vol XX1:4, 1993.      READ
Milestone. Viewpoints, Vol. 111:3, 1968.
My Sister's Keeper. Viewpoints, Vol. 111:3, 1968.
New York. Ethos. (date ?)
Not Everybody Can Live In Israel. Viewpoints, July 1982.
The Paper, Concordia University, Feb. 15, 1971. (poem)
Paper Roses. Viewpoints, Vol. 1X:3, 1976.
Piano Lessons, Reporter, Florida, January 2005. Viewpoints, 1970.
The Silver Flute. Room of One's Own, Vol. 10:1.
Success Story. Moment, June 1980.
Smoked Out. Chatelaine, May 1979.
The Visit. Viewpoints, Vol. V11:1, 1972.
Yukeleh. Viewpoints, Vol. V111:1, Sept. 1984.

  REVIEWS AND ESSAYS                  
  Canadian Absurd. Essays on Canadian Writing. Spring, 1975.
Canadian Agit-Prop. E.C.W. Fall, 1977.
Directions: Two Poets.. (re M. Yeo, Shulamis Yelin) E.C.W. Spring, 1976.
Hetero and Homosexual Encounters. E.C.W. Winter, 1977.
Manners & Mores: Vive Montreal. Chatelaine, Vol. 52:9
  TRANSLATED BY A. RAVEL                 
  French to English:
  "On The Other Side of the Wall" - Marcel Dubé
  "Zone" - Marcel  Dubé
  "La Petite Injustice - Raphael Levy"
  "Strauss et Pesant - Michel Garneau"
  "63" - Robert Gurik